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You are probably here to learn how to assist your health and wellbeing by regaining your body's natural alkaline balance. We've assisted thousands of people just like you alkalize and improve their health over fifteen years of serving Australian and international customers.

Most people understand that drinking water is essential for re-hydrating and flushing toxins out of the body.

Few people understand the health benefit of the hydrogen and oxygen that water is made from.


Did you know that molecular hydrogen gas has more than 200 scientific studies conducted assessing its benefits in preventing and treating more than 60 serious diseases?


Maintaining proper oxygen levels in the blood is essential for health and optimum sporting performance.

AlkaWay, an established family-owned Australian company, has designed and globally distributes a range of natural health products that provide MORE molecular hydrogen and liquid oxygen infused into your water in a convenient & affordable way.

They all work. We wouldn't sell them if they didn't. Feel free to call our Alkaline Hydrogen-Rich Water Specialists to learn which method is the best for you.
- Ian Blair Hamilton, AlkaWay Founder

*While we can make no claims of its abilities, we invite you to learn more and make up your own mind.

New Products!

The UltraStream - It’s a health system, not just a water filter!

Scientifically proven to remove harmful contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and bacteria AND to produce hydrogen-rich, alkaline and ionized water that you'll want to keep on drinking. Available in 2 colour options and installed on the benchtop or undersink.

It’s not just what it takes out, it’s what it puts in that makes it so powerful.

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With the GenEon Trio Maison, you can safely clean, degrease, or sanitize virtually any surface.

In a modern world it is sometimes hard to avoid all the chemicals major corporations believe make your life easier

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Robert O Young

quoteNot only are you guys educating people about their health and well being, you are actually bettering their lives with what you have to offer.  For me, its a pleasure to be associated with that. It aligns with my values in the sense of giving back!quote

Dan Ross Widely acclaimed as the fittest Professional Surfer on the Elite World Tour, Qualified C.H.E.K Coach



quoteIf someone was to ask me what was the one thing I can do to have better health, the answer would be very simple - start drinking alkaline ionised water.quote

Dr Robert Young, PhD and best- selling author of
'The pH Miracle.'

Robert O Young

AlkaWay's Most Popular Alkaline Water Ionizers

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Portable Water Alkaliser
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